Life and Balance Centre Kids and their Chiropractic Experiences

Jakub - 8 years of age.

Here is a photo of Jakub doing neurofeedback and holding his Student of the year award. Jakub's Mum says that since being under Chiroractic care and doing neurofeedback, Jakub has "more patience for learning and his behavior is better. He can learn quicker than before and better organises his work and play". She says they are both calmer and that Jakub is much happier.

Jakub doing neurofeedback

Micah’s story - as written by Micah: (some spelling changes. The original can be seen at Life and Balance Centre).

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Micah Nicole. The girl was sick. One day she went to a chiropractor named Dr. Tammy Verlaan where she was adjusted several times a month. After that the little girl is now feeling so well so she can play and sleep well without wetting in the night and she lived happy ever after. The end.

"I was suffering from bedwetting, poor eating, teeth grinding and hyperactivity. This affected my relationship with my mum and dad. After a couple of adjustments, I noticed some improvement. My eating is great, same as my bedwetting and teeth grinding. I can now play more and I can sleep soundly without wetting. It's awesome, as Chiropractic helps me a lot in everyday life. I would recommend Chiropractic to my friends, it's worthy."

Micah Imperial, 5 (written by Mum for Micah)