Improve Your Golf Handicap

We often hear from many golfers that they can't play the game they love due to aches and pains, especially in their lower back, shoulders and neck. Research shows golf places a lot of unbalanced forces through the body, resulting in the many common golf ailments.

Life and Balance Centre specialise in balancing out the body, utilising gentle adjustments, to allow you to continue to play well into your golden years.

Not only does Life and Balance Centre keep your body in balance, it also keeps the mind in balance. This is critical for optimal performance in your game. It goes without saying that the less stressed your body is, the greater you can concentrate and focus.

We are experts at balancing the body and mind to deal with stress most efficiently. For more information on this, please see our sections:

Are you Stressed? and How Can We Relieve Your Stress? This might just enhance your game!!

We use the latest technology in our centre called NeuroInfiniti. This is made by Thought Technology and we can use this technology to measure how you are dealing with stress on the inside and also to train your body to deal better with stress.

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