Stress Relief Client Testimonials

Many people just like you have experienced relief from stress though our care at Life and Balance Centre.

"My headaches are gone, my blood pressure has dropped, my cholesterol level has dropped and my blood sugars are lower. I feel a lot less stressed. Now all I have is plenty of energy and a great feeling of well being." Yvonne, 50

"I had a variety of symptoms - asthma, vertigo, ear infections and tinnitus. I had very low energy and my quality of life was not good. I was not exercising and not able to complete my exams which was very stressful. With fantastic care from my Chiropractor, I began to improve and now have none of the above health problems, my energy has returned and I was able to join a gym and start exercising again. I was also able to complete my exams and graduated recently!" Ann Durran, 50

I can now sleep well and soundly and I'm in a good mood, full of energy, and I feel that I'm always in a good condition. Chiropractic greatly changed my life because my anxieties and irregularity of heart palpitations have gone. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic care to others. Actually, I have already recommended my brother with his family and some friends" Nelly Villanueva, 53

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