The Life and Balance Self Evaluation

University studies show that stress is the cause of 95% of all disease.

Not only does stress cause disease it severely hampers your quality of life. Stress can cause pain, headaches, difficulty sleeping, poor concentration, irritability, digestive problems and much more.

Take our self evaluation to see how you are dealing with stress. Is your system balanced and dealing with stress well or are you out of balance? If you are out of balance, this self-evaluation classifies your state of imbalance.

Check any boxes below that apply to you. Then submit your name and e-mail address to receive your results.

Poor Attention Migraines Cold hands
Impulsive Headaches Cold feet
Easily Distracted Seizures Tight Muscles
Disorganised Sleepwalking Teeth Grinding
Depressed Hot Flushes Anxiety
Lacking Motivation PMS Heart Palpitations
Poor Concentration Food Sensitivities Restless Sleep
Spaciness Bed Wetting Poor Expression of Emotions
Constipation Eating Disorders Poor Immune System
Chronic Dull Pain Bi-Polar Disorders Racing Mind
Difficulty Waking Mood Swings High Blood Pressure
Worry Panic Attacks Accelerated Aging
Attention Deficit Disorder Nightmares Sinus Trouble
Low Energy Tinnitus Fear
Hypoglycaemia Vertigo Ulcers
Incontinence Irritable Bowel Heartburn
Frequent Infections or Colds Sciatic or Radiating Pain Joint Inflammation
Aggression Cancer Rheumatoid Arthritis
Heart Disease Multiple Sclerosis Auto-Immune Disorders
Diabetes Type 2 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia
Chronic Depression Epstein-Bar Sydrome Irritable
None of the above        
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