Relieving Your Stress

Stress. Sound familiar? The Life and Balance Centre team are experts at minimising the devastating effects that stress has on your body and in your life.

Firstly What is Stress?


University studies now show that stress is the cause of a staggering 95% of all diseases. So if we can help deal with your stress we can go a long way to improving your health. Whilst there are different levels of stress, there is a common low grade daily stress that we all face. However it is how we respond to this stress that is the problem, not the stress itself. The Stress Response is designed for short duration fight/flight protection responses and our control system, governed by our brain and nervous system, activates that stress response. So when our systems are under constant low grade stress, our body is in constant fight/flight mode. This is also called survival mode and that is where the real problem lies.

But I do everything right!
Often, we may be leading a very healthy lifestyle; eating well, exercising, consciously reducing stress. Yet, we still experience discomfort such as pain, headaches, not sleeping well or being tired all the time. However when the body is stressed, also called survival mode, growth and repair are of little concern to our control system when our body struggles to survive. This mode of growth and repair is called healing mode. A car's gearbox can be in first gear or reverse but not both at the same time. The same with survival mode and healing mode, your body can be in one or the other but not both. Is your body going forward or in reverse?

Questions to consider...

  • If your body is in survival mode only, is your control system out of balance?
  • Is your body currently preparing for battle?
How can this change at Life and Balance Centre?

Even though we cannot eliminate your stress (some stress is actually good!), we can change how you respond to it. Using leading edge technology called NeuroInfiniti, we can conduct a Stress Response Evaluation on you that measures your brain activity, heart rate and five other major nervous system responses.

With this amazing technology and data driven approach, we can measure your neurological reaction to stress, and then how well you recover from a stress event. This tells us what is going on in your body from the inside, and what can be changed for the better. Based on this information we can show you how your control system is working and advise you on the most appropriate care plan to get you back to full health.

Our care plans use proven techniques including Neurologically-Based Chiropractic and Biofeedback to change how you respond to stress, and in turn, dramatically improve your health and quality of life. These techniques are changing the hardwired patterns of your control system, the brain and nervous system and creating new healthier patterns. All our techniques are non-invasive, drug free, natural, safe and effective.

With Neuroinfiniti we can also conduct detailed data driven pre and post care evaluations, this means we can accurately measures changes in your health as a result of our care.

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