Pregnancy and Chiropractic

It is no secret that the expecting mother's body goes through difficult changes that can be stressful if not managed correctly.

Chiropractic can ease the stress of pregnancy on the body. Expecting mothers under chiropractic care can experience increased energy, decreased hip and low back pain, reduced nausea and have faster, easier labours. Chiropractic has also been shown to speed up recovery after childbirth. Unfortunately some women are so wrapped up in looking after their baby, they neglect their own needs.

The Chiropractors at Life and Balance Centre use very gentle techniques and have been specially trained to work with pregnant women.  For further details, visit The Chiropractic Adjustment

"I began attending Life and Balance when I was seven months pregnant. I had severe lower back pain, so much so I was limping and I felt ridiculous walking down the street. After one week I noticed a marked improvement and after four weeks the pain was gone and I was feeling perfect again.... I am sure that the Chiropractic adjustments had some influence on my birthing experience and I would recommend it to others, specifically to pregnant women." Suzanne, 29

"As a busy Mum, I suffered with low back pain, headaches and fatigue. I was recommended Life and Balance Centre by a friend. After the changes I had experienced, I took my 3 month old baby to Life and Balance Centre. Emma was a very fussy baby; she had trouble feeding and was a very poor sleeper. I had a very long labour with Emma and she was delivered with forceps. The Chiropractor explained that this could have caused problems in Emma's spine and nervous system. After three weeks, I have a new baby. I wish I had known about Chiropractic years ago!" Orla, 34