Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage questions and get asked many. Perhaps some of the questions we get asked most often may help answer any of your queries. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is a Chiropractic adjustment?
The doctor uses a carefully directed and controlled pressure in a precise direction to an area of your nervous system, to allow the body to return to a balanced state.

How is an adjustment given?
Many different ways. It may be a quick movement or slow constant pressure, sometimes only one area may be adjusted and sometimes many areas will receive attention. The most commonly used adjusting method at Life and Balance Centre is the arthostim instrument.

How long will it take to get well?
Healing takes time and differs from person to person. Once you have had an initial evaluation, your chiropractor will have a very good idea and will outline it all to you before you begin care. The initial stabilisation phase can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the individual.

How much will it cost?
This varies from individual to individual, the layers of damage the client has and the lifestyle choices they are making. The cost of care will be outlined for your individual needs before you start care. Please see our fees page for care plans and family discounts.

I have heard that once you start going to a chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of your life.

It is easy to understand that one visit is not going to correct subluxations that have been in your nervous system for many years. Most people require frequent visits to begin with, to change the abnormal neurological patterns that are causing their declining health. Just like if you were learning to do a cartwheel, you would need to practice frequently until you have mastered it.

Once people have stabilised their nervous system, many choose to continue care on a regular basis to continue to improve and aim for optimal potential, or to maintain their current level of health. Just like you brush your teeth every day, you eat well and you exercise; visiting your chiropractor is part of a healthy lifestyle. How long you want to benefit for is always up to you.

Do all Chiropractors ‘Crunch' your spine?

The ‘crunch' that most people are referring to is gas being released from joints. It is part of many chiropractic techniques and is very safe when done by a registered chiropractor.

At Life and Balance Centre we do not use this style of adjustment. We use the latest technology in Chiropractic called the Arthrostim Instrument. The Arthrostim creates a rapid impulse that your chiropractor will use to correct your subluxation. It is very gentle and does not hurt. There is not any popping or crunching.

We find that we can be more accurate and specific using the arthrostim and our practice members enjoy it.

I have asthma, can Chiropractic help me?

Chiropractors never claim to treat or heal any particular disease or illness. Whether someone has back pain or asthma, they get their entire nervous system assessed.

In regards to asthma, the lungs and airways are controlled by the Nervous System. When the Nervous System is balanced and organised, the lungs work most effectively and efficiently. When there are imbalanced and disorganised areas in our nervous system, it can compromise the function of any and every cell in our body, including the respiratory system.

By locating and correcting areas on Nervous System interference, the body can self heal and regulate at its optimum. Many practice members find that breathing becomes easier and asthma symptoms subside. There are many research papers on asthma and chiropractic.

Is chiropractic care expensive?
99% of the people we ask, tell us that the health of themselves and their loved ones if the most important thing in life. We spend more and more money every year in Ireland and around the world on a healthcare system, and the population continues to get sicker and sicker. Chiropractic care improves your own healing ability, from the inside out. People under chiropractic care report 60% less in-hospital admissions, 59% less hospital days, 62% less outpatient surgeries & procedures and 83% less pharmaceutical costs when compared with conventional medicine IPA performance. People under chiropractic also report a better quality of life. Chiropractic not only saves you spending money in the sickcare model, it also gives you a better standard of life. What is the cost of not going?