Easing Your Pain

Lady in pain
At Life and Balance Centre we have helped many people experiencing pain, from lower back and neck pain to headaches and migraines. Our expertise is in finding the cause of your pain and correcting it.

Pain as a Side Effect

Pain of any kind is a warning sign that something is wrong. Often people silence their pain with drugs, rather than finding the cause. If the oil light came on in your car, would you take a black marker and colour over the light or would you look to find out why the oil light came on? If you have any type of pain at all, it is important to find out why.

Could stress be causing your pain?

Stress on the body

Pain is commonly felt as a result of stress. For many of us, we have "weak areas" of our bodies and the stress shows up there. At Life and Balance Centre, our expertise is in evaluating how your body deals with stress and then offering choices to correct this.

How we can help:

Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross is trained in multiple systems in order to be able to give you superior care to relieve your pain.

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