The Arthrostim

The purpose of a Chiropractic adjustment is to remove interference to the patients Nervous System.  Dr. Tammy and Dr. Randi use a tool which delivers a gentle pain free input to the Nervous System called the Arthrostim.  This allows care to be delivered without the need for "twists and cracks".

The arthrostim engages the neural system comfortably and effectively by distributing 12 thrusts which divides the power of a single thrust into 12 incremental thrusts.  This means changes can be fast and comfortable.

The ArthroStim™ Instrument permits your practitioner to maintain the effectiveness of your adjustment while reducing the amount of force that is applied. By dividing the energy of a single thrust into rapid successive inputs, the ArthroStim Instrument modulates the (peak) force. This allows your doctor to administer an extremely comfortable, and highly effective, adjustment. This dynamic combination allows the practitioner to manage a wider range of conditions comfortably. Individuals that may especially benefit from the use of the ArthroStim™ Instrument include:

  • Infants and young children
  • Individuals in acute pain
  • Particularly sensitive individuals
  • Individuals who dislike being ‘cracked’
  • Elderly individuals
  • Even individuals who are large and stronger (and may be difficult to adjust with a single thrust) can benefit from the ‘neurological assist’ that the ArthroStim™ Instrument provides. 

Dr. Tammy or Dr. Randi may use the ArthroStim™ Instrument by itself, or in combination with other adjusting methods, depending on the approach they feel is best for your specific case.

The secret to the instrument's effectiveness comes from its controlled repetitive input. This input produces a cumulative ‘snowballing' effect on neural receptors.  This permits the ArthroStim Instrument to create extensive neurological feedback to the brain, using greatly reduced forces.










Dr. Tammy demonstrates the Arthrostim instrument.