Neurologically Based Chiropractic

What is Neurologically Based Chiropractic?

The body heals, regulates and organises its 75 trillion cells through the CONTROL SYSTEM of the body: The NERVOUS SYSTEM. The brain sends signals to the cells (body) and the cells (body) sends signals to the brain. We need a balanced and organised nervous system to have optimum health and self-healing.  Neurologically Based Chiropractors assess the balance in your Nervous System, then locate and correct the imbalances in your nervous system to allow you to function at your full potential.

The Chiropractic Adjustment
As Chiropractors we use the Chiropractic Adjustment to correct imbalances in the nervous system.  An "adjustment" is the term we use for how we make positive changes to the spine and nervous system. There are many ways to adjust you. Some include very light contact with the spine, cranials and or muscles, and others are more direct to the joints.

Based on your needs and your comfort, Dr. Tammy and Dr. Randi adapt their technique to achieve the greatest benefits with the most comfort for you. 

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Chiropractic Adjustments are very gentle.  Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross uses gentle techniques or the latest technology to correct Nervous System imbalances called the Arthrostim instrument. The Arthrostim instrument is a hand held electrical device and works with the natural feedback cycle of the nervous system. It delivers a rapid series of controlled thrusts. These thrusts increase desired body signals to the brain and/or decrease undesired body signals. This resets unbalanced neurological patterns and restores the body's ability to self heal and regulate.

How the Adjustment Works: