Life Changing Testimonials From the Grown Ups Of Life and Balance Centre

Below are excerpts from countless real client stories from Life and Balance Centre Practice Members related to an enhanced quality of life and relief from a myriad of symptoms through Chiropractic care. Our Clients have kindly shared their experiences in the hope that they can make a diffference in your life.

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"When I first walked into Life and Balance Centre I was in a bad way. My skin was dull and spotty, my back was causing me to lose sleep and become very irritable. I had no energy and no sense of purpose. Now I don't even recognise that person and the amazing way I feel today has me asking "How does it get any better?" My Chiropractic adjustments straightened a noticable curve I had in my spine and gave me the energy to take up salsa and kickboxing. I have not had any colds/chest infections/'flus or other illnessess since begninning regular adjustments several years ago" Deirdre
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"I had a variety of symptoms - asthma, vertigo, ear infections and tinnitus. I had very low energy and my quality of life was not good. I was not exercising and not able to complete my exams which was very stressful. With fantastic care from my Chiropractor, I began to improve and now have none of the above health problems, my energy has returned and I was able to join a gym and start exercising again. I was also able to complete my exams and graduated recently!" Ann
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"My response to the treatment was very quick and people were commenting on firstly my posture, i was standing up straight, then those close to me had noticed a difference in my state of mind - I was told I got my 'spark' back and that's how i felt. The joy in being able to do things I had before taken for granted. I could take my little girl for a walk or play with her after a hard day's work instead of lying on the hard floor for half the night for fear of not being able to work the next day and I was able to ski again. These were things I had taken for granted before and I was now really seeing things in a different light." Catherine
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Phil talks about her changes after a brain injury left her with fibromyalgia and a decreased quality of life. We apologise for the poor sound quality but recommend you watch this.

"After my first visit I experienced relief from fibromyalgia. I was quite surprised because I thought I was in the wrong place. I thought, chiropractic care, I don't have a back problem. I actually thought I had made a mistake, this wasn't right for me. After the very first visit, the pain in my legs in particular had gone away.  The most remarkable thing is the lifting of the constant persistent ache in my legs and my arms, just my whole body. I also notice greater energy, which has made a huge difference. My ability to think more clearly and problem solve has improved. I had difficulties prior to this care with thinking and little doors closing in my brain and find now I can keep the little doors open and walk my way through something, which would have had me in absolute meltdown before. I've improved physically and mentally as a result and emotionally feel much better".  Phil
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"The chiropractic adjustments made a lot of improvements and changes in me in just a couple of weeks that I've been to the centre. It was really great! I can now sleep well and soundly and I'm in a good mood, full of energy, and I feel that I'm always in a good condition. Chiropractic greatly changed my life because my anxieties and irregularity of heart palpitations have gone. I would definitely recommend Chiropractic care to others. Actually, I have already recommended my brother with his family and some friends" Nelly, 53

"An unexpected benefit was that my excruciating pre-menstrual cramps (that I had suffered from for at least 30 months out of the past 36 - so much that I was on the point of asking for a hysterectomy) were almost unnoticeable. I have since had three pain-free periods, two painful pre-menstrual cramps and one period with normal cramping. My peri-menopausal flushes have also disappeared since starting care. Overall, I feel much calmer and "chilled". I had become so used to the headaches, cough, neck pains and cramps that this had become my "normal" state, and I didn't think of myself as unwell. Now that I've left these behind, I remember what it feels like to be pain-free and in balance. Everyone keeps telling me how well I look, especially if they last saw me before I started going to the chiropractor. I'm evangelistic about chiropractic and the benefits of a balanced nervous system. I know many people who I believe would benefit hugely from it, but unfortunately they don't realise this, and think that their physical symptoms and mental state are unrelated. They would rather remain in a depressed and unfulfilled state, using medicine and painkillers and surgical intervention. They find it amazing that I am "taken in by this mumbo jumbo and parted from my cash", as I'm known to be very sensible and practical. Perhaps if they hear about chiropractic as practiced at Life & Balance Centre, they will eventually give it a go." Tracey
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"Before Chiropractic care, I was suffering from back pain, I was irritable and had poor concentration. This affected my quality of life, especially because I didn't have time for my young daughter and it affected my relationships with my daughter and my husband. I also couldn't do household chores. After starting at Life and Balance, my back pain has gone, I can work with more energy and am more active. Chiropractic helps me a lot with my energy and I would like to recommend Chiropractic to my friends" Maria, 38

"I was suffering from back pain and panic attacks. I was constantly tired and having pains in the pelvic area. I was stressed out at work, and as a result I was having panic attacks. I had insecurities and felt low and unhealthy. I never felt like doing anything. I also struggled with concentration. Within 4 sessions I began to feel different in my health and attitude, I also felt more at ease with myself and had no pain. I am now more alert and I am able to play sports. I am happier in myself and everyday life doesn't stress me as much. Chiropractic care has given me the chance to play sport again without worrying about my injuries coming back to haunt me. The chiropractic care has left me more confident and happy in myself. I would recommend Chiropractic to anyone who was unhappy and in pain and unsure what to do next." - Paul

"I had immediate relief from my vertigo, and each adjustment relieves many tensions in my neck and shoulders. Most importantly, since starting Chiropractic care I am ‘drug-free', I can get through my daily routine and sleep at night without medication or pain." Ann, 67

"I now am no longer in constant pain and am sleeping so much better. I have far more energy. Their enthusiasm at Life and Balance is infectious and they are offering a wonderful, much needed service to the community." Patrick, 31

"I had severe neck pain especially during and after work. I now have very little, if any pain while at work and I feel much more relaxed. Chiropractic care has made a huge difference to my quality of life, I wish I hadn't waited so long before going!" Mary, 35

"Chiropractic has changed my life because my work rate has improved, therefore, I am less stressed. I can now play casual sports and I can even dance now... partly because I'm in a great mood all the time. I would absolutely recommend Chiropractic care to others because I am stunned with the results. I was looking for a quick fix for my back but I got a long-term concept for a positive mental outlook." Kevin, 22

Everything flows more freely, life is just easier to deal with. Chiropractic has given me the will and energy to make improvements to my life." Norma, 34

"I began attending Life and Balance when I was 7 months pregnant. I had severe lower back pain, so much so I was limping and I felt ridiculous walking down the street. After one week I noticed a marked improvement and after four weeks the pain was gone and I was feeling perfect again.... I am sure that the Chiropractic adjustments had some influence on my birthing experience and I would recommend it to others, specifically to pregnant women." Suzanne 29

"I noticed improvement after the first couple of sessions. My digestion is much better and I now have regular periods." Patricia, 45

"My headaches are very scarce now, neck movement is much better, no problems reversing car or reading in bed, which makes a big difference to me. I am so much happier in myself and walking tall, the best is I am out of pain. I would recommend Chiropractic to others. I like the open approach to everyone and the happy atmosphere". Susan, 54

"I have had a significant drop in my blood pressure and an increase in energy since starting chiropractic care. I am always treated in a very courteous and professional atmosphere." Marion, 80

"My sinusitis has improved, I sleep better, I'm not in as much pain. My concentration has improved and I feel altogether better physically." John, 40

"I noticed improvement almost immediately, within weeks. I was having weekly migraines and these have gone. I have more energy, better humour, less stressed and less prone to stress. I am also losing weight as energy improves and no longer have indigestion. The holistic approach is very reassuring and the Chiropractor is very gentle when adjusting, no violence!" Miriam, 35

"I'm coping much better with night shift work & I'm "Not only can I go walking- I can now play with my children, I can chase them, play football. I have more energy, my moods have improved, basically I'm beginning to live my life again instead of just existing" Geraldine, 40

"After years of tensed-up shoulders, I am now reclaiming them- they feel like where they were at during my carefree days. Generally, my whole body has responded to the treatment. I fell very much alive and alert. My feeling of suffering from burned out ‘mental fatigue' has vanished." Joan, 57

"I am able to do things again. I am more relaxed and much happier. I now have no panic attacks and feel so much better in myself." Dave, 50

"I have returned to work after a 5 month break due to back pain and loss of feeling in my right leg. Chiropractic care has made a great change in such a short space of time. I have less pain and a positive outlook on life. My headaches are gone, my blood pressure has dropped, my cholesterol level has dropped and my blood sugars are lower. I feel a lot less stressed. Now all I have is plenty of energy and a great feeling of well being." Yvonne, 50

"I had tried everything and thought I would always have neck and back pain. Now it's almost gone, I can drive without discomfort or getting irritable. It feels amazing to have a full nights sleep." Orla, 28