Featured Practice Member Testimonial, Deirdre

When I first walked into Life and Balance Centre I was in a bad way. My skin was dull and spotty, my back was causing me to lose sleep and become very irritable. I had no energy and no sense of purpose.

Now I don't even recognise that person and the amazing way I feel today has me asking "How does it get any better?"

My Chiropractic adjustments straightened a noticeable curve I had in my spine and gave me the energy to take up salsa and kickboxing. I have not had any colds/chest infections/'flues or other illnesses since beginning regular adjustments several years ago.

In addition to getting adjusted in Life and Balance Centre, I have become interested in Access Consciousness facilitated by Dr. Tammy in Ireland. I am infinitely grateful that I became involved in this. Opening my mind to a different perspective and a more positive outlook has generated abundant happiness for me.

It is amazing what you can create in your life if you allow yourself to be conscious. To quote The Matrix. "I followed the white rabbit and haven't looked back."

To further my metamorphosis I undertook a fantastic nutrition course and have completely re-educated myself and changed my habits.

I would highly recommend Life and Balance Centre to anyone who also believes they deserve to be happy. I know I am and it keeps getting better!! Deirdre McCormick 13th August 2009