Featured Practice MemberTestimonial, Tracey

Tracey Kelly and FamilyI have had problems with my knees and neck/arms on & off for over 15 years. At the early signs of discomfort I would see my physiotherapist and it would usually help. My knees would kill me if I was at the theatre or on a plane. When I was stressed my neck would be very sore, & when pregnant my hands & arms would be very painful. My only experience of what I thought was chiropractic; was a GP who manipulated my neck after it went into a spasm. I was very wary of anyone who would manipulate spines, & only went along to the Life and Balance to keep a friend company.  After a few minutes I was hooked - the whole aspect of your nervous system being blocked causing imbalances made so much sense (I'm an engineer & the logic behind a technique or theory is important to me).

After the first few adjustments I was so very tired & thirsty, as if I was getting over the flu - but I knew that this was my body healing itself. My neck pains went almost immediately & I began to feel so much better. The cough that I had had for over 6 months also went overnight. My morning headaches were gone, too.

An unexpected benefit was that my excruciating pre-menstrual cramps (that I had suffered from for at least 30 months out of the past 36 - so much that I was on the point of asking for a hysterectomy) were almost unnoticeable. I have since had three pain-free periods, two painful pre-menstrual cramps and one period with normal cramping. My peri-menopausal flushes have also disappeared since starting care.

When I fell on a slippy pavement I was able to benefit straight away from my adjustments to sort out the impact stresses on my arm and hand.

Overall, I feel much calmer and "chilled". I had become so used to the headaches, cough, neck pains and cramps that this had become my "normal" state, and I didn't think of myself as unwell. Now that I've left these behind, I remember what it feels like to be pain-free and in balance. Everyone keeps telling me how well I look, especially if they last saw me before I started going to the chiropractor. I'm evangelistic about chiropractic and the benefits of a balanced nervous system. I know many people who I believe would benefit hugely from it, but unfortunately they don't realise this, and think that their physical symptoms and mental state are unrelated. They would rather remain in a depressed and unfulfilled state, using medicine and painkillers and surgical intervention. They find it amazing that I am "taken in by this mumbo jumbo and parted from my cash", as I'm known to be very sensible and practical. Perhaps if they hear about chiropractic as practiced at Life & Balance Centre, they will eventually give it a go.

My husband Karl and 7 year old daughter Caitriona also come for weekly adjustments, & biofeedback training. My 10 year old son Andrew is thinking about it (he's gathering examples of sportspeople who have benefited). Every visit I gain more knowledge & awareness about living to my full potential. Tracey Kelly  Note: Andrew is now enjoying the benefits of care!