Featured Practice Member Testimonial, Phil

Phil talks about her changes after a brain injury left her with fibromyalgia and a decreased quality of life. We apologise for the poor sound quality but recommend you watch this.

Scribed from video testimonial.   

How did you find out about Life and Balance Centre?

I had looked up Neurofeedback on the internet and I found Life and Balance Centre.

Why did you Consult Life and Balance Centre?

About 3 years ago in January 2009, I had a fall and suffered a brain injury. I had very successful surgery but I had on going issues which were not going away.

How did this affect your health?

I had extreme fatigue and exhaustion, fibromyalgia and pains all through my body that were persistent with no relief, day or night. I had other issues with not being able to deal with stress or multi-task. I was just generally feeling overwhelmed, most of the time.

Did these problems interfere with your quality of life?

I was a different person. I looked the same to most people. I appeared as if I was the same I had always been, but inside I was very, very different. I actually couldn't cope most of the time.

How long before you noticed improvement?

After my first visit I experienced relief from fibromyalgia. I was quite surprised because I thought I was in the wrong place. I thought, chiropractic care, I don't have a back problem. I actually thought I had made a mistake, this wasn't right for me. After the very first visit, the pain in my legs in particular had gone away

What were the changes in your health?

The most remarkable thing is the lifting of the constant persistent ache in my legs and my arms, just my whole body. I also notice greater energy, which has made a huge difference. My ability to think more clearly and problem solve has improved. I had difficulties prior to this care with thinking and little doors closing in my brain and find now I can keep the little doors open and walk my way through something, which would have had me in absolute meltdown before. I've improved physically and mentally as a result and emotionally feel much better.

Before I started with Dr. Tammy I had started a course, and a module for me which was Microsoft Word and I found it exceptionally difficult, even though I had done similar work before. I found if I ran into difficulties I couldn't think my way out. If I asked for help I couldn't understand what was being said to me. I found myself not able to follow instructions and at times I was close to tears and despair. Then after about a month I moved onto the next module, which was going to be definitely more difficult, because I didn't have as much experience with it. It was like something had lifted off my brain and I was able to start to engage with the course, follow instructions and found myself actually surprisingly much better. People were truly surprised at how much better I came to be. This seems to be related to the care rather than being better at the course.

What type of care did you receive at Life and Balance Centre?

I've been receiving neurological chiropractic care. I've been receiving neurofeedback and biofeedback and various breathing exercises and also received various stress tests.

How has Life and Balance Centre changed your life?

I feel I now have some hope of moving on and improving more. I felt I was left in limbo after my brain injury and that nothing was going to improve beyond a certain point. Someone told me that after two years, I might feel better. But, two years came and went and I still didn't feel better and within a month here I made greater progress than I've made in the two and a half years before that.

Would you recommend Life and Balance Centre to others?

I have recommended to many others for different issues. I've also brought my own daughter here because I feel it would benefit anybody, at any age or stage of life.

Any other comments?

I just feel that chiropractic care, especially neurological chiropractic care can benefit anybody. Your whole nervous system, controls your whole body. Your brain and nervous system controls your muscles and if you feel off kilter and you're suffering in many different ways, I think that there's no particular reason other than your body being out of balance. I think that's it. A simple message really. It's a shame more people don't realise it.