Saying No Can Be Positive By Fiona Ellis, Journalist

Learn to feel comfortable saying 'no' to new commitments and you will get back some of your busy time for yourself, writes Fiona Ellis

Have you ever felt overworked and overstressed? Ever taken on new commitments without being sure that you had the time or ability to follow them through? You're not the only one. Many people say 'yes' to extra obligations in their lives to please others or to appear competent. Saying yes too often can lead to stress in daily life and may result in feelings of resentment and anxiety. Sometimes saying 'no' is the best answer.

Dr Tammy Verlaan Ross, from the Life and Balance Centre, Rathfarnham, says she sees the pressure people feel from their family, friends and fellow workers to say yes coming out in health problems.

"People often put unrealistic demands on themselves and this can have a bad effect on their health and wellbeing," says Verlaan-Ross.

How to say 'no'

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