Relax Yourself for Warmer Hands

When you are relaxed, your hands are warm. When you are stressed your brain diverts blood supply to the muscles to prepare you for "fight or flight". At Life and Balance Centre, we use the latest research technology, NeuroInfiniti to assess the effects of stress on your body. Using NeuroInfiniti, hand temperature is one of seven neuophysiological responses measured to evaluate your ability to deal with stress.

NeuroInfiniti can also be used to train yourself to relax and warm your hands. This is called Biofeedback training and is offered at Life and Balance Centre.

This article gives you some tips on how you can warm your hands up at home, in the car, in the office or anywhere you have a few minutes to relax. Feel free to drop into Life and Balance Centre and pick up a stress card which enables you to measure your hand temperature and see if you can warm your hands up.

The main goal of hand-warming is to assist in measuring our level of stress through skin temperature, and thereby allow us to change our stress level to meet the circumstances. The more stressed a person is, the lower the temperature in the hands, feet, and other extremities.

Methods of Producing Relaxation and Waming Your Hands

You now have a basic understanding of hand temperature and what it indicates about your present level of stress. How do we regulate our hand temperature and reduce stress?
There are many different ways to increase your hand temperature. We suggest that you try them all, and find the method that works best for you. The basic idea behind each of these methods is to focus your consciousness on the experience of being profoundly relaxed.

DEEP BREATHING  This is one of the most common ways used to relax. It has an ancient therapeutic history. It is accomplished by taking deep diaphragmatic breathes and then exhaling for a longer count than the inhalation. See our article "Diaphragmatic Breathing to Relax".

IMAGERY  The relaxation response is activated in this method by having the person think about a very peaceful, warm and calm place, such as lying on your beautiful imaginary beach. It is helpful if the person actually imagines the warmth along with imagining themselves there.

MUSIC  We are just beginning to understand the impact of music. Some people find it quite easy to increase their hand temperature by just sitting in a comfortable chair and listening to appropriate soft music.

Once you have discovered a method that works for you, take time once a day to practice your relaxation routine.