Beyond Cholestrol

By Judith Mandelbaum-Schmid from Body and Soul July/August 2004  

In recent years heart disease has been largely viewed by conventional doctors and pharmaceutical researchers as a plumbing problem. Eat too much cholesterol and fat and you clog your drains with a hard substance called plaque. But there's a problem with that explanation. Half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels-A growing number of scientists now believe something that some alternative practitioners have long argued: An inflammatory reaction is often responsible for creating those small plaques and causing them to burst and many believe the main cause of inflammation is a response to psychological stress by the nervous system.  

It's the stress/inflammation link, says Michael Babyak, M.D., assistant clinical professor of medical psychology at Duke University, "We know anything that causes the body to pour out stress hormones chronically creates conditions under which heart disease progresses," That's because stress hormones stimulate the release of inflammatory chemicals by the immune system. "When you're stressed, your heart pumps faster," says Paul Black, M.D., professor emeritus of microbiology, surgery, and medicine at Boston University's School of Medicine and a pioneer in research linking inflammation and stress "Blood moves into your brain and muscles, away from your core and the body prepares to fight germs that might be introduced by a physical attack or injury. That is why the immune system swings into action, releasing cytokines - chemicals that provoke inflammation."  

At Life and Balance Centre we have the latest stress testing techonology called NeuroInfiniti, also used in research facilities around the world. It has the ability to measure Brain waves, heart rate and five other physiological functions. It measures how well your body responds to stress and how well it recovers.   From your results, we can explain exactly why you are having your current health problems. We can also advise you if based on your results, our services can help you improve your stress response and reduce your cholesterol levels. Our speciality is bringing youe Nervous System back to balance so you can enjoy the health and quality of life that you deserve.